Process Re-Engineering

Whilst we realize that having the right people who know WHAT they should be doing is very critical, HOW they should be doing what they should be doing is equally as Important. Even the right people sometimes stumble when the HOWs are not in place. Taking a critical look at the existing Systems and Process within the Organisation is usually a very rewarding exercise. We carry this exercise out through the following:

  • Diagnose

    JobMag will carry out a systems audit of departments in view, to identify the systems and processes that are currently established. The audit will cover all existing documents, interviews with your key staff and an understanding of the current company culture. Key findings, gaps and recommendations will form the basis of most of the key interventions to be carried out by JobMag and any organization over the course of the project.

  • Brainstorm and Document

    JobMag will sit with your Team and brainstorm on the System and the Processes that need to be put in place. JobMag will ensure that agreed processes are documented into Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals where necessary.

  • Update JDs & KPIs

    Process owners will be identified, their Job Descriptions (JDs) and their Key Performance Indices will be enhanced to cover the new Processes. Performance contracts will be signed by staff to conclude their buy-ins.

  • Train Staff

    A Competency Framework will be developed, staff skills audit will be carried out, skills gaps will be identified and all interfacing Staff will be given an intensive training to carry out/ implement the new processes.

  • Monitor and Value

    JobMag will put Monitoring Mechanisms in place and evaluate the first four (4) weeks of activities after implementation.