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Employability and Career Advancement Program (ECAP)

ECAP is a JobMag Employability and Career Advancement Program. Our ultimate mission is to provide young graduates with the right job and guide them on the right career path.

Working with job seekers and employers over the years, we discovered that while young graduates are complaining about the lack of jobs or experience required in getting a job, business owners and corporate organizations are lamenting about the shortage of qualified candidates to fill available positions. To this effect, JobMag launched her Employability and Career Advancement Program to help bridge this gap.

Through ECAP, job seekers with 0-3 years’ experience undergo a written/oral and computer proficiency assessment, workplace readiness training and then provided with jobs from our pool of employers within a month. To facilitate entry into this program, no upfront payment is required from jobseekers until after payment of their first month salary to cover our training expenses.

The training comprises of different modules that runs for 3 weeks. These modules have been developed to analyze participants’ skill level and their self-awareness; equip participants with essential workplace skills and get them ready for employment.

The Process


Click on the register link below and receive assessment date within 24hrs.


Candidates are invited to take an Assessment which consists of a:

  • Written test

  • Computer proficiency test (MS Excel, Word & PPT)

  • Aptitude and Emotional Intelligence test


Candidates Undergo Intensive Training for 3 weeks after their successful assessment.


Candidates are placed with the right job within a month from our pool of employers.


Candidates can now make payment for the training expense incurred on them after the 1st month.