25 Jan

Deputy Executive Director

Lagos Mainland, Lagos
  • Full-Time
  • ₦N500,000 - N600,000
  • Closing Date: 24-Feb-2022

Our client in the Non-Governmental Organisation is looking to hire a Deputy Executive Director.

 Job description

  1. Develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization.
  2. Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization.
  3. Draft policies for the approval of the Executive Director and the Board.
  4. Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization's programs and services.
  5. Oversee the implementation and policy review of policies (HR, IT etc).
  6. Strengthen and manage all aspects of internal and external agency communications.
  7. Generate and publish annual reports and other external communications.
  8. Ensure relevant website content and regular website updates.
  9. Oversee the planning, implementation, execution of projects
  10. Generating grants for the organization.
  11. Develop diverse funding streams and longterm plans to best support the mission and goals of the organization.
  12. Supervise reporting to funding sources on the status of projects and the appropriation and use of funds.
  13. Supervise and support the Grants and Fundraising team through training and evaluating performance.
  14. Oversee fundraising efforts including sponsorship, donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship, grants, special events, etc.
  15. Lead and support the organizations policy and advocacy including coordinating Nigeria-based efforts, developing strategy, identifying policy objectives and key advocacy and lobbying opportunities.
  16. Ensure access for the Company to relevant high-level meetings, gatherings, representing them at these meetings.
  17. Responsible for carrying out internal assessment of the status and direction of programs, documenting the key achievements, challenge, impact and recommendations.
  18. Oversee staff performance appraisal as well as continuously monitor the attainment of action plans designed to improve individual staff performance.
  19. Monitor the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review.
  20. Work with HR in determining staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery.
  21. Oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices including the development of job description for all staff.


  1. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field
  2. 5-7 years’ experience in a similar role
  3. Proficiency with Microsoft office
  4. Working knowledge of grants and fund-raising activities
  5. Have apt knowledge and interest in governance and politics

  Essential Skills

  • Knowledgeable in the power of storytelling and how this can help accelerate a culture of innovation.
  • Ability to think creatively, design unique ideas and turn those ideas and goals into reality.
  • Proficient in all forms of communication, including one-on-one, departmental, and full-staff conversations, as well as communication via the phone, email, and social media.


Salary 500-600