21 Nov

Sales/Relationship Officer

Ikorodu, Lagos
  • Full-Time
  • ₦150,000 (Negotiable)
  • Closing Date: 20-Dec-2019

The role is for a Marketer/Sale Person but whose focus would be on Suppliers. He/she will act as an Account Manager for our Suppliers.

Nice to have a Marketing person who works or has worked in a Bank or a Recycling Officer.

The Task- Buy used Batteries and Lead Plates from scrap merchants in Lagos and around Nigeria.

The individual will also:

  • Manage the day to day interactions with the vendors and ensure that they are:
  • Satisfied and happy to do business with us and they stay with us
  • Make sure all their requirements are met.
  • Acquire more vendors and ensure they remain as well
  • Confirm when they have materials and relate same to the operations team
  • Manage the current vendors
  • Inform the vendors when payments are made to them (you can always get this from Accounts)
  • Confirm when materials will be ready for pickup and document it on Office 365 and also communicate this to operations
  • Work towards getting new vendors and ensure they remain as well. 3 types of vendors
  • Lead Plate suppliers.
  • Battery supplies from Corporates.
  • Individuals.
  • Tools – Use the following tools for your work
  • CRM – There would be a CRM Module that will be used to manage the opportunities available
  • Teams & WhatsApp – To communicate with the other staff
  • Marketing Activities
  • Conduct marketing activities such as cold calls, follow up with lead (website, company portals etc)
  • Develop new Lead sources and sweat current Leads
  • Bids
  • Follow up with tender boards and industry sources to ensure that we are aware of companies scrapping their equipment
  • Respond to bids from corporates